Detection of product leaks and spills

Delivery Management & Supply Chain Monitoring

An ioT System for Tanker Load Management

Choose LogOil to secure oil and fluids transportation and management

What is LogOil?

LogOil is an IoT tool to secure oil and fluids transportation and manage their delivery at a competitive price.

LogOil is one of a kind packaged solution, which unites several technologies to deliver the ultimate system for smart and secure fuel transportation.

We deliver a secure solution for all tanker truck fuel transportation issues.

We openly challenge any other solution to prove a higher and sturdier level of accuracy, theft and fraud prevention than what we have accomplished with LogOil.

Why LogOil?

Delivery Management

LogOil with its unique features and the possibility of interfacing the system to the Company’s ERP, is capable to provide a complete and automated management of the product delivery process.

Supply Chain Monitoring

By securing tanker truck transportation, LogOil fills the gap in the oil delivery chain control.


LogOil will be present at ADIPEC 2019, in Abu Dhabi. Will be glad to meet you in our stand.

Further More

LogOil System

A sophisticated software system constantly logs, analyses and reports all product parameters, received from the high end magnetostrictive probes in the tanks.

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LogOil Applications

If your business model involves the transportation of petrol products, CNG, LPG, dangerous and volatile chemical gasses and liquids, or any other heavily regulated gaseous or liquid substances, LogOil will empower you to...

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LogOil Features

High end hardware and software, cloud based analysis software for cost reduction and real-time alarm transmission...

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First Three Steps with LogOil:
Requirement Analysis, Draft System Design, Trial

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Oil & Gas
Oil & Gas

Transporting monitored liquids/chemicals, oil/petrol depots, petrol products dealers

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Cleanliness and Environmental Prevention
Cleanliness and Environmental Prevention

Companies, which specialize in cleaning, draining and disposal of pollutants

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Military Use and Special Civil Cases
Military Use

For military application in transport of dangerous liquids and liquid radioactive materials, unauthorized dumps location

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Special Civil Cases
Special Civil Cases

Transport of dangerous liquids and liquid radioactive materials, unauthorized dumps location

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