Constantly logs, analyses and reports all product parameters

LogOil is an IIoT tool to secure oil and fluids transportation and manage their delivery at a competitive price.

Our sophisticated software system constantly logs, analyses and reports all product parameters, received from the high end magnetostrictive probes in the tanks.

Thanks to the algorithms taking into account all internal and external factors and variables, the system identifies and evaluates loads, unloads and leaks from the tanker track with 99.8% accuracy. This means that regardless of the external factors, the petrol fleet management team can account for all fuel products, in all tanker trucks with the accuracy of +/-2 liters per metric ton.

Thanks to LogOil system it is always possible to have a detailed record of when, where and what happened to your tanker truck and fuel products during transportation, leaks-on-the-move included.

Delivery Management
  • LogOil is more than fluid transportation security. With its unique features and the possibility of interfacing the system to the Company‚Äôs ERP, LogOil is capable to provide a complete and automated management of the product delivery process.
    Providing quantification of loads and unloads at various locations the system can notify both the sender and the receiver about possible altered deliveries, detecting unplanned loads/unloads, potential adulteration, higher/lower quantities.
Supply Chain and Product integrity
  • By securing tanker truck transportation, LogOil fills the gap in the oil delivery chain control. LogOil can be applied to static containers or can be interfaced to systems already installed, enabling the full control of the entire supply chain, providing adulteration-free products and environmentally secure logistics.
Logoil System Logoil System

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